About Us
A proper, old fashioned pet shop in the heart of Burnley, Waterlife and Pets has been trading for over 50 years.
We have been here on Curzon Street since 2000, but find that most of our customers still refer to us as Standish Street Pet Shop.
We have a wide range of pets in store, from small furries to birds to fish, and stock all the supplies you will need to keep your new pet happy.
Our experienced staff are happy to answer all your queries, and can offer advice for most animal related interests.
The photograph to the side is SAM, our much loved resident blue and gold macaw. Sam is usually happy to say hello, and would love to dance with you if you can spare a moment or two. We also have our shop cat, MIA. As far as she is concerned, Mia is in charge here at the shop and, most of the time, we are happy to let her believe it.
If you are visiting, why not call in to our sister shop next door? The Creepy Creature Shop specialises in reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and invertabrates. They stock everything you need to keep them.
On a more familiar note, Steven is also the son of our leader Kay, so he's the fourth generation here on Curzon Street.