Animal Starter Kits
We offer a range of starter sets with our livestock. Don't be shy; if you see a cage you like and we haven't got a starter price already, we can easily work one out for you.
  1. Budgie Starter set
    Budgie Starter set
    Baby Budgie Choice of cages Sand sheets Perches Pots Food Prices start from £38.50
  2. Hamster Starter Sets
    Hamster Starter Sets
    Baby Hamster (Syrian or Russian dwarf) Choice of cage Food Nesting Wood Shavings Dish Bottle Prices start from £27.99
  3. Rabbit Starters
    Rabbit Starters
    1 Rabbit starter - £75.00 2 Rabbit starter - £105.00 Includes: Cage Baby rabbit food dish bottle wood shavings hay readigrass free toy (while stocks last)
  4. Conure Starters
    Conure Starters
    Includes: Maroon Bellied or Green Winged Conure Cage Pots Perches Food Beech Chippings ALL FOR ONLY £170