Our Services

Dogs and Cats

We stock a wide range of supplies for cats and dogs.
We sell food, beds, training aids, collars and leads, toys, grooming equipment, and dishes and bowls. We also sell medication - 'off the shelf' and veterinary strength medicines such as Frontline and Drontal. 
We are happy to advise on nutrition, training and anything else you might think of.

Small Animals and Birds

We keep a number of small animals in stock. Our hamsters, gerbils and mice are mostly bred in house. We also sell rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas. These are all locally bred - usually by our customers.
We typically have locally bred budgies, finches, canaries, and cockatiels. We do get other birds, such as parrots and parakeets, but these tend to be at the mercy of the breeders, It's always worth asking what might be coming in, you never know, we might have just what you want.
We also supply the food, bedding, toys, grooming supplies and homes for all our birds and beasts.


Our fish room might be small, but it's jam packed with a wide variety of coldwater, temperate and freshwater tropical fish. We offer fish for fish keepers of all levels of experience.
We sell a range of fish tanks of varying sizes, and we can order others in if you don't see what you want.
We also sell all the electrical equipment need to run your tank, along with food, decorations, and cleaning equipment.
If you have a question, why not ask our fish expert, Joan? She started keeping fish 60 years ago, and never looked back.